‘Start a Career’ in Travel and blockchain with Triip Protocol.

Many travelers and friends are excited about the chances of working in both travel and blockchain sectors. That day is near, Triip is rolling out the “Start a Career” feature. With this, you can pre-register to working with us. We’re looking for helluva positions:

  • Build Your Team: Know a couple of folks who also are passionate about travel and tech? Help us make friends with your friends in exchange for TIIM. As your friends get more familiar with Triip and start to use it for the bookings and other travel needs, you’ll earn more Triip Miles proportional to their activity.
  • Local Driver: Travelers coming to your city want to see the sights without the guessing game of taxi fares or bus schedules. They're going to want to book a Triip car with you! Travelers can hire Triip car drivers for either half or full day tours, and pay you with either fiat or TIIM.
  • Local Expert: Got a steady internet connection and a few minutes a day? Triip is building a team of remote question answerers who ping back travelers who send in questions remotely. Think Google, but replace the machine with someone who knows the lay of the land (i.e. you).
  • Local Experience: Whether you're an actual tour guide yourself or a local with something special to offer—maybe you can lead a painting class or host a cooking class—we've got a place for you on Triip's Local Experience team. It's a great side hustle as well as an awesome way to strengthen your professional repertoire. Act now! There are only 99 spots on your local team. One of them belongs to you.
  • Translator: Know the local language? We've got some important business opportunities for travelers who may have business deals in your country but lack your language resources. Up for it? Let's connect you both.
  • Promoter: Maybe you work in the travel industry yourself and you want to complement the tour or hotel room you offer with additional services. Or maybe you just have a decent following on your blog or Facebook page and wouldn't mind an extra revenue stream. Have you thought of being a Triip Promoter? Help us connect travelers to our services by linking them to Triip offerings or helping folks book services within the Triip Protocol. We pay TIIM for successful bookings and click-throughs.
  • Reviewer: Triip's tour listings need an extra pair of eyes before they're listed. Text and photos need to be checked, and the prices of these tours need to be reviewed to ensure fair value. We're looking for folks with an eye for detail and knowledge of the area who can give these a once over as a Reviewer. This is a great side hustle for anyone with a little tour experience or someone with an editing background.
  • Verifier: Each of Triip's tours require an in-person visit from a Verifier. The name is pretty self-explanatory. You'll go on the tour, make sure it is what guide claims it is and report back on Triip so we can reward you with TIIM for the kindness.
  • Arbitrator: Triip and its partnering service providers strive for excellence, but in the very rare instances where anyone has fallen short, an Arbitrator will step in and mediate differences. If you're cool head in heated situations and can spare a few minutes to resolve a complaint ticket online
  • Complete Trip Quests: Traveling is like a little like a game, right? You’re the main character in a journey and we’ve got a lot of mini-games for you to try if you want to earn some TIIM while you travel. Some are special quests to complement your journey and things you are probably going to do anyway, like travel responsibly and with a minimal environmental impact. In that case, you’ve already satisfied the Triip Pledge so you’re ready to mark that quest complete!
  • Invest in Triip Miles: You’re someone with a little extra cash who is looking for both a safe investment and a responsibly run company. Get in early ahead of our initial coin offering (ICO) when we launch our token Triip Miles. Whether that’s $50 or a number with a few more zeros behind it, we’ve got a spot for you in our ICO. Our token economy is founded on a limited number of currency units, 500 million TIIM. Growing adoption of our platform and coin scarcity will cause the value of your investment asset to grow.
  • Become a Trader: Use your TIIM to buy fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum through trading platform Liquid, our recommendation for managing your TIIM.

Join us now and reserve your spot

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