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    We are successfully releasing the feature Submit Travel Proof. It’s a continuous step in implementing what we’ve promised on the White Paper.

    Travel Miners add new, valuable travel data transactions and record them on the Triip Protocol ledger. Miners submit their valuable and authentic travel data as electronic records called the Proof-Of-Travel. This proof proves that a travel miner did travel and/or buy local services to add valuable, true data to the network. Miners receive a reward when their travel data is verified and recorded Triip Protocol ledger. Triip’s novel algorithm, its huge inventory and 100 travel partners are essential to prevent anyone from abusing this program.

From now on, you will earn + 10 TIIM (~0.15US$) for submitting your travel plan and +264 TIIM (~4US$) when you get approved after submitting your travel proof.

Continue with the “Submit Proof”, you can upload your travel proof by taking Photo or Choose from Library.


Submit proof for the travel plan had been made before

You still can submit proof for your old travel plans and wait for the approval.

Head to the specific Travel Plan, looking for the Travel Proof info section then Tap on Add Proof and start to upload your travel proof

You can check your reward TIIM at the Wallet tab like usual


Important definition about Travel Proof

Travel Plan information on
  • What city are you traveling to?
  • How many people will join the tour?
  • Choosing activities you like
  • Specific date or how many days you want to spend?
  • Proof of travel can be
  • A selfie photo of you with the destination’s landmark (i.e with Eiffel Tower in Paris)
  • A photo of travel document: booking confirmation, flight, train, bus ticket.
  • Why we need your travel proof?
  • We do what we promise to our users “earn to travel, travel to earn”. So from now, whenever you have a plan to travel somewhere then share with us, you will receive TIIM from us.
  • By showing your travel plan data to Triip Protocol partners, you can receive special tailored discounts and personalized offers. These promotions will be relevant and tailored to your travel preferences.
  • Notice

    You can’t create more than 7 travel plans a week, when you do this, there is a warning popup with a clear message.

    If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Or email to

    Happy blockchain traveling!

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