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  • The fastest way to fill out your profile is to connect your Facebook account. You can also edit your profile by clicking your name all the way at the top of the screen, selecting Profile, and clicking on Edit Profile.
  • If you don’t like login by your Facebook account, you can sign up for a Triip account via our support tool.

Draft tour content

Based on your existing tour itineraries, you can create the tour content on Triip.

The name of your tour has to make customers understand your tour's activities instantly, and should not be too generally such as "Cooking Tour" or "Cooking Class". It is much better with a name such as "So you think you can cook?" Remember to catch your travelers' attention! (Cooking classes are just one example of the many types of triips you can create, only limited by your imagination!)

Please remember to attach at least 3 high quality photos (min 1400x700px) per highlight. Make sure those photos were taken by you or you have the right to use them commercially when downloading from the Internet.

Price is the first function used to narrow a traveler's choices. You're free to charge whatever you wish, but it's wise to consider the rates that make your tour worth trying.


Submit your tour content for review

Submit your tour and wait for review and feedback (3 days). When your tour is public on, you will receive an email.

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