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Create a new account on

  • The fastest way to fill out your profile is to connect your Facebook account. You can also edit your profile by clicking your name all the way at the top of the screen, selecting Profile, and clicking on Edit Profile.
  • If you don’t like login by your Facebook account, you can sign up for a Triip account via our support tool.

Creating tour content

  • Think like a traveler who wants to see the city as an insider, those who want to have an exciting holiday as well as learning about history, art in your city. You may have a customized tour into the working studios, art lofts, and hidden galleries, historic sites or even street art in your communities. If you have more than one idea, you can create multiple tours.
  • The name of the tour has not to be short and general such as "Milan art tour", it's better with a name "Discover some of Milan's greatest artistic treasures"
  • Please remember to attach at least 3 high-quality photos (min 600x800px) per highlight about the tour's activities in real life.
  • You're free to charge at your own price for your tour, but price is the first function used to narrow a traveler's choices, it's wise to consider making your tour worths trying.

Submit your tour and wait for the review, feedback

  • When your tour is public on, you will receive an email.


You have 15 days to create a tour, so please make it QUALIFIED, DIFFERENT and UNIQUE from others.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at

Happy traveling blockchain!

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