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Draft tour content

As a freelance photographer, you’ll get to share your passion for photography with travelers from all around the globe. You may have two options to get an experience on Triip:

  1. A photography tour to meet your fellow photographers from around the world, show them the best spots for the best shots at a live sharing workshop.
  2. A travel-shooting tour to give travelers a shoot with the best local places, help them keep their best traveling moments from honeymoons, anniversaries, families on multi-generational trips, couples’ excursions, friend getaways, solo travels, and even marriage proposals.

You will serve as an informal local tour guide, sharing insider tips for the most photographic spots around the city, plus hidden gems and the places to avoid!

Please remember to attach at least 3 high-quality photos per highlight to show your portfolio and what you can offer on tour.

Price is the first function used to narrow a traveler's choices. You're free to charge your own price, but it's wise to consider the rates that make your tour worth trying.


Submit your tour and wait for review & feedback (2-7 days):

When your tour is public on, you will receive an email.


You have 14 days to create a tour, so please make it QUALIFIED, DIFFERENT and UNIQUE from others.

Happy traveling blockchain!

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