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Hotels & Homes

  • Look here for your home away from home. We’ve got nearly 30 million listings—which includes 145,964 destinations in 228 countries around the world—in our Booking.com-enabled accommodation platform. We’re adding cool new places to stay in new locations daily. Book now and get a 5% TIIM rebate.

Hire Local Drivers

  • Skip the hassle of hailing a cab. Try one of our Local Drivers. A private car will take you where you need to go giving you quick, safe passage around your destination. Available for full or half-day bookings.

Ask a Local Expert

  • Where’s the quaintest, quietest coffee shop in your area? What should you do with your free afternoon? Ditch Google and ask one of our Local Experts instead. These are real people with a deep understanding of your area who can give you a personal insight into your destination. They’re online now and just a message away

Get WiFi Devices

  • You could roll the dice on that next coffee shop and hope they have free WiFi, traveler, or you could secure one of our handy roaming data devices. Grab the coffee to go and get to where you’re actually going with our mobile internet hotspots.

Buy Attraction Tickets

  • Fancy a nighttime safari or an exclusive dinner for two in the destination you just arrived at? We’ve offered a unique selection of local experiences payable in fiat or TIIM.

Happy traveling blockchain!

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