Why has KYC Verification Failed?

1. Please upload the document with your certificate of identity. If the certificate of identity is inconsistent with you, we can not accept your KYC verification.

2. Please check that the photos you uploaded are clearly visible. If there are ambiguous parts on the image, we can not accept your KYC verification.

3. Please follow our prompts to take a photo and pay attention to check if the text information is written as required.

4. Please check that the Basic Information you filled in exactly matches the information on the certificate. If the information does not match, we can not accept your KYC verification.

If your KYC application is rejected, it might be due to these following reasons:

1. Your documents do not match.

2. Your passport is not valid at the moment you submitted your KYC application.

3. Your passport is not legible and/or it appeared to be modified by a photo editing software.

4. Your selfie is unclear and blurry.

Please resubmit your application again and make sure you carefully follow our requirements in order to have your application successfully approved next time. Please also note that Triip Protocol has sole discretion whether to approve or reject any application.

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