Book tour on by $ETH or $TOMO

SINGAPORE, December 3, 2018 — Triip’s network is growing. We're bringing two new blockchain currencies online in our network. From middle of December, Triip will release a new feature for Travelers to book tour on platform by Ethereum (ETH). In the end of December, Triip will start accepting Tomochain’s new currency TOMO.

This will happen at about the same time Tomochain launches the Mainnet blockchain system.

Starting December 6, Tomochain will begin a roughly week-long process that will convert its existing cryptocurrency, ERC-20 TOMO, to the new native TOMO currency. As this network launches, Triip will be at the forefront as one of the new cryptocurrency’s new partners.

This follows a formal partnership between the Triip Protocol and Picmix, a photo editing and collage-making app. It goes without saying that our two companies’ products are very different, but where our interests converge is in customer growth. Picmix will be a key partner in helping us grow our presence in Indonesia.

It’s because of our products, our partnerships and our passions that we’re huge believers in the world-changing power of cryptocurrencies.

But it’s fair to ask why especially given the rough ride some cryptocurrencies have had this year. Flagship currency Bitcoin has gone down as much as 80 percent during this year.

As a four-year-old company, we prefer not to take such a restricted view of the state of blockchain. Instead, we’d direct your attention to the fact that blockchain currencies have ballooned in value by over 3,300% across all currencies.

We’d also direct your attention to the strikingly small number of cryptocurrency users. There are about 28 million blockchain wallet users active at the time of this writing.

That’s a very small number compared to the estimated 1.2 billion people who traveled last year, potential beneficiaries of blockchain technology.

We’re not alone in our interest. Right now, there are countries moving ahead with regulation formalizing their approval of cryptocurrencies like Japan. In 2017, this nation penned an official decree eliminating the consumption tax on Bitcoin and conferring upon its official recognition.

Specifically, regarding travel and blockchain, a town in Australia made headlines this summer as the first city to welcome Bitcoin on a broad basis specifically to enhance its tourism companies. Agnes Water is being hailed as the world’s first “digital currency town,” but given the Australian government’s abiding interest in blockchain, this is likely the first of many such cryptocurrency havens created there.

Hai Ho, CEO Triip said: “As our partner, we’re pleased you’re joining us this forward-looking positioning. Within Triip as well as in the blockchain world broadly, big things are happening. We’re glad you’re in for the ride.”

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