Enjoy travel with Triip’s Exclusive Vouchers

It’s nothing better than travel at a lower cost. In Triip App’s latest update, you can purchase discount vouchers from 5-star hotel bookings to WIFI rental at a bargain price. It’s getting even better, all are for only 80 TIIM, which even a first-time user can buy (you receive 88 TIIM for complete registrations).

Some of Triip’s exclusive voucher:

Here how to purchase voucher from Triip.

Step 1: Open Triip App and head to Spend Tab.

Step 2: Tap on Buy Vouchers

Step 3: Choose the voucher that you are interested in

Step 4: Check voucher details.

Step 5: Tap on Buy Voucher and then confirm with your passcode. Please create one for better secure your wallet.

Step 6: View your voucher details and code.

Notes: One voucher can’t be bought twice. You will see this grey button notifying that.

If you need any support, please contact us through contact@triip.me.

Happy traveling with Triip.

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