Instruction: How to book tours by TIIM on Triip App?

As you know, we have released the newest version of Triip App that allows users to book tours by TIIM. If you want to learn more about TIIM and this featured you can read here.

We provide users 2 way to book tours by TIIM.

I/ Book direct from Spend Tab.

Let’s head to Spend Tab when you open Triip App then tap on Unique Local Guides. You can see many local unique experiences that tailored made from Triip creators around the world.

if you can’t find unique experiences that match your wish, then you can tap on filter button to customize for your interest.

Every local unique experience always has their details and when you decide to go with one or various tours all you have to do is enter the date, participant,…and tap on Book This Tour.

Notes: To secure your wallet, we will ask for your Passcode for each transaction on Triip App. If you don’t have, you can create one with just few steps.
Your request will be sent after you enter the passcode.

You can view your booking details with the email that we send after booking success or tap on Setting then My Booking.

It is easy to view your booking details.

II/ Book when completed create Travel Plan

We connected the Travel Plan feature with Book Unique Experiences to exact match tours with your destination.

We have 6000+ local unique experiences in 100 countries to recommend to you.
You are able to see more tours on Recommend Tab.

From this step, you can continue to book unique experiences just like “Book direct from Spend Tab” above.

Note: In some cases, when our local tour guide is not available at your booking time or anything goes wrong with your booking, they can help you to change your booking request and your TIIM will be refunded to your wallet.

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