How To Withdraw $TIIM in app (TOMOChain)

1. Update your TIIM Wallet address for the withdrawal process

Enter your TIIM wallet address at
  • Each account can have only one TIIM wallet address. 
  • Check your address carefully before updating your wallet, you cannot edit the TIIM address once submitted. 
  • We will not resolve any kind of support request regarding wrong information, duplicate addresses.
  • Users can submit 1 withdrawal request per day.
  • Minimum withdraw is 500 TIIM
  • Users cannot set an amount greater than the 2,500 TIIM.
  • 2. Fill in the send TIIM request

Fill in the details of your withdraw request with information:
  • TIIM wallet address (step 1)
  • Amount of TIIM transfer - The estimated fee will be automatically calculated once you fill in the amount.
  • Make sure you have access to your email address, and click on Confirm Transaction.

3. Complete email verification

  • Triip will send a verification email with the title: Important: TriipMiles transaction code
  • Open the email and copy the 6 digit code.

Email verification title from Triip Team – ‘Important: TriipMiles transaction code’

Content of the email code you will receive
Fill in the 6 digit code and click on Verify and Confirm button.
Open your email, copy code, and fill in. Press Verify and Confirm

You will see a Thank you screen and complete your withdrawal request. You can close the screen, once the process is complete you will receive a notification in your mobile app.
Complete transaction screen

You can check your transaction history on the menu. 

Ask support, if you need help at

Be patient, please! Thank you for your understanding.

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